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Season 3 | Ep 13: Security Cam Sessions
FIRST AIRED: Sep 25 9/8c | TV-14

Join the Biermann Bunch as they take a look back through their security camera footage. The family has a few laughs and a few fights remembering the season’s funniest moments with never-before-seen footage.

Season 9 | Ep 10: From Turkey With Love
FIRST AIRED: Jan 9 9/8c | TV-14

As Jennifer departs for Turkey to celebrate her brother's engagement, Danielle sends Margaret a text that could end their forever friendship. Dolores hosts a charity event for women in needs of pampering and Melissa finds out how Joe really feels about their daughter Antonia taking over the family business. 

Season 9 | Ep 11: Whine Country
FIRST AIRED: Jan 16 9/8c | TV-14

Jackie hosts a trip to a local vineyard for some much-needed bonding time. But when Jennifer attacks Jackie for writing an article about her family, Margaret gets involved and calls Jennifer's brother's fiancé a “mail order bride”. Later, things start to heat up when Teresa throws a song release party for Milania.

Season 2 | 100% Hotter
FIRST AIRED: Jan 18 12/11c
Season 2 | 100% Hotter
FIRST AIRED: Jan 18 12/11c
Season 2 | 100% Hotter
FIRST AIRED: Jan 18 12/11c
Season 2 | 100% Hotter
FIRST AIRED: Jan 18 12/11c
Season 11 | Ep 5: Tatted Tales
FIRST AIRED: Dec 2 8/7c | TV-14

Kandi gets advice from the ladies on whether to share details surrounding Porsha’s boyfriend Dennis' past. With only a few months before her wedding, Eva's mom comes to Atlanta for support...and winds up pushing some budgetary buttons. Shamari holds a birthday party for her twins and reveals more details about her open relationship with her husband.

Season 11 | Ep 6: Whining and Dining
FIRST AIRED: Dec 9 8/7c | TV-14

Shamari and Ronnie open up to Kandi and Todd about their relationship. Meanwhile, Cynthia deals with the prospect of Lake Bailey becoming an empty nest. Kandi and Porsha’s relationship hits a boiling point as they meet up one-on-one for the first time in years. And with Gregg’s spirits up, NeNe decides to throw a couples’ event to celebrate love, but things take an unexpected turn when an old friend shows up to settle a score. Porsha gives Dennis the surprise of a lifetime for his birthday.

Season 11 | Ep 7: Sisterhood of the Traveling Peaches
FIRST AIRED: Dec 16 8/7c | TV-14

A newly pregnant Porsha works at Dennis' restaurant in an attempt to win over his mother's approval. Meanwhile, the men start bailing on NeNe and Gregg’s couples trip causing it to become a girls' trip instead. The ladies board a bus to Destin, Florida and play a revealing game of truth or dare where Kandi spills more Dennis tea. Once they get to Destin Cynthia and Marlo confront Eva about the bachelorette party she neglected to invite NeNe to.

Season 11 | Ep 8: Final Destin-ation
FIRST AIRED: Dec 23 8/7c | TV-14

As their girls’ trip to Destin continues, Shamari reluctantly accepts some fashion tips from Marlo. When the gloomy weather continues to rain on their beachy weekend parade, the ladies decide to compete for the crown of their most coveted talents. Later, the group begins to suspect that there is more to Porsha’s alcohol cleanse than she’s letting on, causing Nene to confront her to spill the…Henny. As the ladies gather for their final dinner, tensions rise when an unexpected hot topic resurfaces.

Season 11 | Ep 9: A Mother's Love
FIRST AIRED: Dec 30 8/7c | TV-14

Cynthia plans an intimate college send-off for Noelle that ends in a major meltdown. Porsha and Dennis are ecstatic about their first sonogram, while Shamari and her mom foster a new bond watching over Shamari’s twins. Nene and Gregg host a family meeting with their sons to educate them on Gregg’s cancer. After a recent misunderstanding, Kandi tries to mend Momma Joyce and Todd’s relationship and turn his sour lemons into lemonade. When it’s finally time for Noelle to say goodbye, Cynthia must deal with her own feelings of letting go and restarting her life solo.

Season 11 | Ep 10: The Wrong Road
FIRST AIRED: Jan 6 8/7c | TV-14

Porsha is heated after an altercation at Todd’s birthday party leads to the Kandi Koated Klick giving Porsha the boot. Mike Hill comes to town with an important question for Cynthia...the same weekend her ex Peter is in town. Eva and Tanya apologize for their Destin shade with a hibachi night for the group followed by a bachelorette trip invite, but the evening goes awry when Porsha and Kandi come face to face in a battle of words.

Season 11 | Ep 11: Texts, Lies & Therapy
FIRST AIRED: Jan 13 8/7c | TV-14

Eva and Tanya's hibachi night continues to go up in flames when Eva is confronted by Porsha over past shady comments. As Gregg's birthday approaches, tension builds between the Leakes as Nene deals with the mounting pressure of being his caretaker. Kandi invites Shamari to be a part of her latest money making venture, while Cynthia's new beau Mike Hill gets put in the hot seat. Porsha seeks guidance when she begins to have second thoughts about trusting Dennis — causing her to finally ask him some hard-hitting questions.

Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Jan 8 12/11c
Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Jan 8 12/11c
Bravo's Big Picture
FIRST AIRED: Sep 1 12/11c