10 Gorgeous, Statement-Making Wall Mirrors for Under $100

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which design is the most eye-catching of them all?

When it comes to design updates, there is no easier way to brighten up your space than with a wall mirror. Not only will it bring light to dark and dull corners and make a room feel bigger, but it’s also really good feng shui and could even trigger positive energy by amplifying views of nature and sunshine and reflecting any negative energy back to its source (an annoying neighbor, perhaps).

But what we love most about wall mirrors is how they can instantly transform a space and become a statement–making focal point, more akin to a great work of art but at much better price points than, say, your average Picasso. Here's your chance to shine. We’ve rounded up a show-stopping selection of wall mirrors that will give your space a boost.

Round Rattan Mirror

This rattan mirror from Target’s gorgeous new Opalhouse line makes a bold statement and will add an earthy boho touch to your space.

Umbra Prisma Wall Mirror

Sleek and geometric in a nice rosy hue, Umbra’s Prisma mirror is a definite stunner. The wire rim extends out and can be used to hang jewelry, sunglasses and scarves. Bonus!

A Good Day Baroque Mirror

With its unique baroque shape and stunning colorful inlays, this mirror is an instant conversation piece. And it will liven up any kid space.

Round Rope Mirror

If your look is more beachy and rustic, this rope mirror will fit right in.

Gracie Modern Iron Circle Mirror

This stylish looped-edge mirror is fresh and fun, and it nicely complements any décor style.

Lips Mirror

What better way to check your face before you head out the door? 

Mercury Comeau Wall Mirror

We just love how this sunburst mirror seems to radiate good vibes. You can never have too much of that. 

Wrought Studio Hexagon

Modern and cool, this hexagon mirror with a black wood frame is entryway perfection.

Wagars Square Wall Mirror

Add a bit of an edgy, industrial look to a lackluster space with this painted wooden mirror.

BidKhome Wall Mirror

Vintage without being dated, and with a pleasing romantic silhouette, this hanging mirror is a total keeper.  

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